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Undergraduate CS majors may pursue either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. The department also offers a joint BS in Math and Computer Science, another in Economics and Computer Science, and minors in CS, in Informatics, and in AI.

Although the BA and BS programs have different objectives, both emphasize the principles of computer science and underlying quantitative foundations. The department is home to a wide range of modern computing equipment and student laboratories, and all undergraduate programs include intensive immersive experiences in computer programming, system building, and contemporary topics in big data and artificial intelligence.

Computer Science BS vs Computer Science BA

  • The CS BS program is more intensive and requires more hours than the BA. It leans more towards the technical side.
  • The CS BS is an ideal choice for students who wish to advance to graduate level and/or more technical roles after graduation.
  • The CS BA is broader in its scope and is a good choice if a student would like to take a second major.
  • The CS BA can lead to a career in areas such as IT or consulting.