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Research Overview

Faculty and students in Computer Science conduct research on a number of important areas related to Data, Machine Learning, AI, Bioinformatics, Security and Privacy, Theory, Systems. and Scientific Computing.

Research Labs/Groups

Intelligent Information Access Lab

We work on information retrieval and text and data mining, developing techniques for mining online user behavior and interactions in web search and online social networks, large-scale content analysis and information extraction, and on applications of these techniques to medical informatics.

Lab Website

Bromberg Lab

The main interest of this lab is in developing fast, accurate, and meaningful ways of analyzing the growing deluge of biological data and in bringing these developments bench- (or patient-) side. To make our predictions we rely on a number of sequence-based features (including evolutionary information, predicted structural features, and available annotations) and utilize a variety of computational methodologies (including artificial learning, network analysis and statistical methods).
Lab Website

Assured Information Management and Sharing (AIMS)

The AIMS lab conducts research in the intersection of data management, machine learning, and information security, with a recent focus on privacy-enhancing and trustworthy machine learning and data sharing algorithms to advance data driven-AI systems for healthcare and public health.

Lab Website

Dorian Arnold HPC Lab

Extremely large (aka high-performance) computing systems have become critical instruments in the world's grandest scientific and engineering challenges. Designed, built and managed by computer scientists and engineers, these systems' principal users are experts from other domains. We study the theory and practice of system software that make large, complex computer systems accessible to computer systems non-experts. More specifically, we explore the performance, scalability and reliability issues that abound in large scale computing environments.

NLP Research Lab

Challenging the Limit of Language Technology. The Emory NLP lab conducts research on chatbots, carebots, discourse analysis, crisis and stressor management, and text-based diarization, as well as emerging topics in LLM-based language technology.
Lab Website

Practical Data Mining & Exploration Lab

We analyze and mine complex, heterogenous data to explore, characterize, and understand the underlying states / processes. Our approaches are based on statistical machine learning and data mining that work on a variety of real-life applications with a focus on healthcare applications.
Lab Website

Simbiosys Lab

The Emory SimBioSys Lab is a partnership of computer science researchers studying Distributed Systems, Data Science, and their intersections. Our projects span smarter cache system, computational epidemiology, distributed end-to-end tracing, storage systems analysis, computer security, biologically plausible neural networks, and the theory of learning. We particularly care about projects with societal impact.
Lab Website

Cognition & Visualization Lab (CAV Lab)

We aim to facilitate effective data exploration and decision making by quantifying potential human or algorithmic biases and designing interfaces that will promote user reflection. Current and prospective students in the CAV Lab can check out the lab manual for information on lab culture and expectations.
Lab Website