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Human Computer Interaction

HCI strengths at Emory include Cognition and Visualization, Dialog and Recommender Systems, Information Visualization and Bias, AI/Computing Ethics, Future of Work, Sustainability and IoT, Broadening Participation in Computing, Human AI Interaction, and similar topics.

In addition to CS scholarship in the above areas, other HCI-related research on Bias and Fairness, AI Systems for health Equity, Data Justice and Data Feminism, and related areas is conducted across Emory.

Davide Fossati Headshot
Davide Fossati
Associate Teaching Professor; Director of Undergraduate Research (DUR)
MSC W410
Joyce Ho Headshot
Joyce Ho
Associate Professor
MSC W302-M
Lauren Klein Headshot
Lauren Klein
Associated Faculty
Callaway Memorial Center
Nirmalya Thakur Headshot
Nirmalya Thakur
Assistant Teaching Professor
MSC W302-J
Emily Wall Headshot
Emily Wall
Assistant Professor
MSC W302-E