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Data Mining and Machine Learning

Topics of research interest include Web Search and Information Retrieval, Precision Medicine via Electronic Health Records, Graph Learning, Visual Analytics and Information Visualization, Spatiotemporal Data Mining, Geosimulation, Adversarial Machine Learning, and a number of associated areas.
Jinho Choi Headshot
Jinho Choi
Associate Professor
MSC W302-F
Nosayba El-Sayed Headshot
Nosayba El-Sayed
Assistant Teaching Professor
MSC W302-D
Davide Fossati Headshot
Davide Fossati
Associate Teaching Professor; Director of Undergraduate Research (DUR)
MSC W410
Joyce Ho Headshot
Joyce Ho
Associate Professor
MSC W302-M
Wei Jin Headshot
Wei Jin
Assistant Professor
MSC N430
Ting Li Headshot
Ting Li
Associated Faculty
Seney Hall, Oxford College
Razieh Nabi Headshot
Razieh Nabi
Associated Faculty
1518 Clifton Rd
Zhaohui "Steve" Qin Headshot
Zhaohui "Steve" Qin
Associated Faculty; Co-DGS for BIOS
Matthew Reyna Headshot
Matthew Reyna
Associated Faculty; Co-DGS for BMI
Nirmalya Thakur Headshot
Nirmalya Thakur
Assistant Teaching Professor
MSC W302-J
Ymir Vigfusson Headshot
Ymir Vigfusson
Associate Professor
MSC W302-H
Andreas Züfle Headshot
Andreas Züfle
Associate Professor
MSC W302-I