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CS MS Administrators

Program Administrators

The CS MS Graduate Program is administered by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and the MS Program Coordinator (PC). The PC handles the day-to-day operations and functions of the graduate program. You may also refer questions regarding Human Resources as well.

Joyce Ho Headshot
Joyce Ho
Associate Professor
MSC W302-M

The CS MS Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) responsibilities include advising and mentoring, recruitment, admissions, student progress and support, professional development and career planning, curricular revisions and other program administration matters.

Bríd Flood Headshot
Bríd Flood
Program Coordinator, Undergraduate, and MS

Together, the PC and DGS serve as liaisons between the graduate students and the Laney Graduate School.

Relevant Administrators from the Laney Graduate School include:

Kimberly Jacob Arriola, Dean

Jennifer M. Cason, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Katy Leonard, Assistant Dean, Professional Development and Career Planning

Jeffrey K. Staton, Senior Associate Dean

Tamika Hairston-Miles, Associate Director, Enrollment Processes, Records and Notary

Reneé Webb, Manager, Enrollment and Academic Records

A full list of contacts can be found on the LGS website.